Sometimes things can be easier to do than they used to be. Inspired designers, and the savvy companies they work for, put their heads together to come up with some inspired ways of making life simpler, easier and dotted with whipped cream and strawberries served on silver trays by servants in wigs and knee breeches. Wait. Actually, I made that last part up.

This is a blog about stuff to do, how to do it, what is intriguing me at the moment(because it’s my blog), and some new products that have started to populate the shelves of your favorite store, whether it is a Big Box retailer or that one on the Internet. Stuff dedicated to put a ray of golden sunshine in your life and bring a smile to your lips. Or at least help you finish that job faster and with less stress, so you can get back to your game of croquet with the duchess.

I’m talking about the better mousetrap, the better garden and the better meal, an easier, ergonomic way to do things and save man power, woman power, brain power and the back muscles of all of us.